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The UCLA Initiative to Study Hate is a three-year pilot project intended to foster cutting-edge research and high-level teaching to understand better and mitigate group-based hate.

As one of the world’s leading public institutions, UCLA has an obligation to understand and mitigate the destructive force of hatred in the world.

Social Media and the Spread of Hate (SMASH): Examining Youth Exposure and Impact

Dean Christina (Tina) Christie, Professor Anne Gilliland; Professor Mark Hansen; Dr. Arif Amlani; Mark Berkman; Professor Tyrone Howard; Dr. Christine Ong

Hating Homelessness: Understanding Stigma and Hatred Directed at People Experiencing Homelessness

Howard Padwa, Ph.D., Randall Kuhn, Lillian Gelberg, Benjamin Henwood, Carissa Loya

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